Month: August 2020

#Community Lives Matter

In a bid to secure a safe environment at Centenary City, it is imperative that we build a peaceful relationship with the various communities that the city is aligned with. With the interest of our investors in mind, Centenary City has taken certain precautionary measures to ensure every investment within the city is well protected.

Development Agreement with the FCTA

Following on the heels of the FCTA’s Land swap scheme, the FCTA and Centenary City Plc. is to design, finance, construct and develop the Centenary City by the provision of infrastructure and other developments as may be approved in the master plan.

The substance of the Development Agreement is that FCTA shall grant the developer the Rights of occupancy with respect to all that land measuring approximately 1264.78 hectares within the FCT for the development of the Centenary City by the developer in exchange for which the developer shall execute integrated infrastructure as well as grant to the FCTA through its commercial representative, the Abuja Investment Company Limited (AICL), the agreed five percent (5%) equity/shareholding in Centenary City Plc. as an alternative to giving them a percentage of Serviced land as is the case with some other Land Swap Agreements.

Issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy (C-of-O)

At the completion of the delineation of the parcel of land measuring approximately 1264.78 hectares and after due documentation, the FCTA issued a Certificate of Occupancy to Centenary City Plc. with file No. MISC – 125437.

Compensation and Resettlement

In April 2013, prior to the incorporation of Centenary City Plc., the secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF) had written to the honorable Minister of the FCT, requesting his assistance and guidance to make sure that all encumbrances on the Centenary City site are cleared, especially in the conduct of the enumeration for compensation, as well as planning for the resettlement of the Original Inhabitants and other private property owners on the site.

Hitherto, the SGF had been unequivocal in all his public comments that it was the Government’s position that “Centenary City promoters will not move to site until adequate compensation have been paid to the Original Inhabitants and other private property interests, and adequate arrangement made for the resettlement of the Original Inhabitants”.

In October 2013, the Minister of the FCT wrote to the SGF that the FCTA has finalized action in the conduct of the surveys for valuation for compensation, and demographic and biometric exercises with a view to planning the resettlement, and forwarded the details of compensation in respect of the crops and economic trees and the built-up properties/structures within the project site.

Out of the total compensation of N1,410,178,599.59, the amount of N175,431,523.00 was excluded from payment of compensation as this group is earmarked to be moved to a site to be agreed by the FCTA. Accordingly, the compensation required for this acquisition as detailed by the FCTA amounted to N1,234,747,076.59, which has been paid in full.

Appointment of Community Liaison Officers

In an effort to further strengthen the excellent relationship between Centenary City FZE and the indigenous communities within the Centenary City site as well as in the Centenary City Resettlement area, Centenary City FZE has hired two Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) as construction activity intensifies within the city;

Gade Emmanuel

Community Liaison Officer (Centenary City Site)


Gade Emmanuel, a graduate of Cooperative Management from the National Open University, has held the Chairmanship of the Youth Council of the five (5) villages within the Centenary City site for the past seven years. Due to his hard work, motivation and diligence, Centenary City Plc has maintained the most cordial relationship with our local communities. And this is expected to continue.

Dantani Abubakar Tanko

Community Liaison Officer (Centenary Resettlement Site)


Dantani Abubakar Tanko, a graduate of Geography and Meteorology, is a Youth Leader among the three (3) villages in the Centenary Resettlement area. His dedication and hard work has resulted in an efficient resolution of many resettlement issues and has enabled Centenary City Plc to maintain a cordial relationship with the local communities in the Resettlement site.


As no two communities are alike, our new CLOs will work to:

  • Serve as a point of contact with our eight local communities (villages);
  • Schedule outreach meetings with the local community to discover their issues and concerns; conduct further research and organize follow-up meetings with community leaders;
  • Connect our local communities to job opportunities and give safety presentations to community organizations and schools, work to improve problematic areas, and visit with local citizens to increase crime awareness and prevention; Promote grassroots marketing initiatives of the Centenary City development;
  • Promote grassroots marketing initiatives of the Centenary City development.
  • Work with healthcare agencies that cater to the needs of the community, and connect them with government services or community support programs;
  • Interface with the communities by representing Centenary City among pubic officials, businesses, other agencies, news outlets, and the general public to increase public awareness of our development activities; and
  • Provide support to the police and other law enforcement agencies by collecting evidence, gathering facts, and interviewing witnesses in relation to crimes.


At Centenary City, we are client focused. We are the city that thrives.

Welcome to the future

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